What is the difference between basic and advanced call forwarding?

Basic call forwarding includes one to one call forwarding. A caller will dial one of your call tracking numbers and be directly forwarded to a number you specify. Each call can have a call greeting, a message the caller hears when they first call your number, a call whisper, which the recipient of the call hears, as well as the ability to record the call. Advanced call forwarding allows you to direct a call to many numbers in a row or simultaneously.

What is a call whisper?

A call whisper is a message that is played to the recipient of a call. This could be to let them know that this call is from a lead company, this message could be to let them know which phone number the customer called. This can be a text to voice message or a customer uploaded message.

What is sms forwarding, or text verification?

Many times there is a need to verify a phone number by text message. With this feature, we will automatically forward the sms messages that come into the system to the email address, or email addresses specified for forwarding.

What is the invoice add-on?

Our system allows you to specify what qualifies as a lead and then automatically invoice on a regular interval (weekly, biweekly, monthly) a customer for the leads generated through our system. This can be both with phone calls as well as form fills. Our invoicing system will generate a PDF invoice with customer details and email to the address specified. If you use Mailgun, you can enter your API credentials and we can send the email branded as your email.

What is the difference between call burst and round robin?

The Call Burst feature included with advanced call forwarding is a one to many call forward that will call up to ten phone numbers simultaneously. The Round Robin feature, also a part of advanced call forwarding, will call up to ten phone numbers in sequence until someone answers, or a voicemail is hit.

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