Call Tracking Software


Automatic Invoicing

Setup recurring billing on a cost-per-lead basis.


Call Spam Filtering

Our system filters virtually all unwanted solicitation calls


Professional Voice Over

Integrated professional voice talent with the option for customization


Professional Messaging Tree

Let us route all of your customer service, sales, and support calls to the right place


Optional Location Routing

Qualify where your customer is calling from and route them to the correct geographic location to track call number


Advanced Call Whisper

Inform the company who the lead is and who sent it with a simple whisper integration

Twilio Call Tracking

Twilio Integration


We like to keep your costs down so that you can scale your business. Connect your Twilio account and take advantage of their rock bottom prices.

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One Stop Shop

Purchase, host and route all the phone numbers you need tracked in one place.

Multiple Campaigns

Easy management with the ability to setup custom campaigns for each company.

All Calls Recorded

Call Tracking Pro access all your previously recorded calls and exports them with a click of a button.

Flexible Pricing Options

Prices that fit your business, scale up or down anytime with our advanced usability pricing structure.

No Obligation

Simply put, we are better than anyone else and Call Tracking Pro will be happy to win you over with our outstanding service.

Customizable Messages

Custom whisper messages that can inform your customer of a new lead or prepare one of your sales reps to close a deal.